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It is important that we provide the very best level of support for Galileo. It is meant to improve your life, not cause issues. Our challenge is being available to answer all incoming questions in a timely manner. The knowledge base provides information for those following the self-directed approach, which we can offset and improve as needed.

You are currently sitting at the root of our knowledge base, a collection of information on Galileo. Directly above this block of text is a search field (powered by Google) which will put all of the contents on this site at your fingertips. The Important Articles section is where we have highlighted a few articles that are important to read before really digging into things. Below it is a Categories section which divides up the articles into some predetermined categories, linking to lists for each. At the bottom of the sidebar you can find a list of the top tags used throughout the articles, again linking to a list system.

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Instructional Videos Videos
We created a collection of instructional videos which are embedded with our knowledge base articles. This is complete list of them located on Vimeo.
Ticket System Ticket System
In the event that something is not working (sorry), and a solution couldn’t be found in the knowledge base, we utilize industry leading services to provide a responsive support infrastructure.
Product Roadmap Roadmap
Ever wondered what’s behind the curtain? We have made our plans for the product public and would love your feedback on what you want to see. Vote for what you want!

Important Articles

2018-05-11Latest Release
A knife is only useful so long as it remains sharp. Galileo is an innovative and ever evolving piece of software which should be kept up-to-date.
2018-04-23Getting Started
Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, Galileo’s workflow is built from the ground up with educators in mind. Here’s how to get started with this revolutionary tool.


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