Meta Creator Check


Contained within some files is a record of who originally created the file, be it the platform username, or a more detailed name available to the originating software.

This check raises a flag if an exact copy of the creator’s information is found in another submission in the target files. It can be useful in detecting submissions based on another submission.


An example of this situation would be where one student prepares a submission and then circulates it to their classmates. The classmates then modify the original files content, but are basing their work off the original. This is one possible method for detecting an infraction of this nature.

In The Report

The meta creator information is present in the report for all submissions and can be reviewed for oddities as well in the individual submission summary.
Creator listed in submission summary

Process Time Options

Like many of the other checks, there are a few options which can be used to fine tune the behaviour of it at process time, as well as can be set in the default options in the Preferences section.

Process Options Type Default
Check.Meta.Creator.Enabled Boolean True
A true/false setting of if the meta creator information should be compared againt other submissions.
Check.Meta.Creator.Weight Float 0.95
A 0-1 value (percentage) of how heavily a flag raised by this check should be weighted in the report. ≥ 0.85 is considered dangerous, ≥ 0.65 is considered a warning, leaving everything below as just a tertiary notice.
Shared.IgnoredUsernames Array/List
A shared "safe" list of usernames that are used during the processing of submissions.

Future Developments

We would like to further develop logic to detect a submissions author ahead of time (this may be pulled from a provided list, directory structure, file naming conventions, etc.) so that we can check the creator’s information against the expected creator for validity.

creator meta
Created on 2018-03-30.

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