Aren't You Game Developers?


Yes, we are! In our experience, game developers are some of the brightest and most awesome individuals you will ever meet. In a field where optimizing code to shave a few milliseconds off of frame time matters; any project backed by that caliber of developer is going to stand out.

We continue to push forward creating our own original game(s), as well as providing services to other game studios. Galileo is something that we felt important to create, despite it not being our main vertical. We identified an underserved market and developed something that out delivers and out performs the competition.

Created on 2018-04-15.

Important Articles

2018-05-11Latest Release
A knife is only useful so long as it remains sharp. Galileo is an innovative and ever evolving piece of software which should be kept up-to-date.
2018-04-23Getting Started
Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, Galileo’s workflow is built from the ground up with educators in mind. Here’s how to get started with this revolutionary tool.


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