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Understanding the way our activations system works will save you headaches when, and if you upgrade your computer(s).

Galileo uses a hardware locked licensing system based on a unique identifier derived from your computer’s hardware. This identifier allows your computer to be uniquely identified by our licensing system.

2 Activations

Galileo's macOS Activation Screen When you activate Galileo for the first time on a computer, that counts as an activation. With our license, you can have 2 computers activated at the same time. That’s what we mean by concurrent activations. It does not mean running at the same time, it merely means that they both have gone through the activation process and are considered active.

2 Deactivations

Galileo's Windows Deactivation Screen You can deactivate installations by going to your Preferences section and clicking the "Deactivate Install" button. The premise behind deactivations is to allow for hardware changes like upgrading to a new computer, or the purchase of a new computer more specifically. You can deactivate up to 2 installations, allowing you to reuse the activations on 2 additional computers.
Created on 2018-03-30.

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