Command Line Options


There are a few command line options we have included that will make the lives of system administrators all that much better. When they read this article, we expect a smile to appear on their face.

Client Options

While the Windows client is the most typical application of the command line options, they are supported by the macOS version as well as our server client.

Option Description
--activate <PRODUCT KEY> Activate Galileo with the supplied product key, avoiding the requirement of using the UI to activate.
--deactivate Deactivate user installation
--import-defaults <PATH> Set the default process options from provided JSON file.
--locale <CODE> Set the locale/language to use with Galileo (en-CA or fr-CA).
--reset-window Reset the size and location of the window.
--quit Quits Galileo after command line options have been processed.

CLI Specific Options

The CLI (Server Client) is meant to robustly integrate with many different systems and as such has an extended set of command line options.

Option Description
--files <FILE_LIST> A comma delimited list of files to process.
--target <TARGET_PATH> The target folder to process.
--output <OUTPUT_PATH> The exact path (including file name) to output the report too.

Last updated on 2018-05-10.

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