Unsigned Packages


During the early development of Galileo many of the decisions were made based on the idea of keeping the initial financial investment on our end to a minimum. One of the items that was cut from the budget was digitally signing our code.

Code signing is a practice which provides explicit third-party confirmation of our identity as the source of the downloaded installer and the integrity of the package itself. This is definitely something that we would like to start doing, however the initial investment was deemed unnecessary and would forcibly inflate the cost of the tool for early adopters.

Immediate Solution

Depending on your platform, during the installation process there may be some complaints about the package not being signed.


In the case of macOS, depending on the version of your operating system you may be presented with a warning similar to the one below. By holding down the options key while opening the package, it will change the dialogue you see to having an open button.

Unsigned Package
Open Unsigned


Windows allows you to run the installer, however prompts you during the installation process with a warning similar to the one below. Simply click Yes to proceed.

Install Unsigned

Future Solution

We have every intention of introducing signed installation packages in the product life cycle, however not until we reach a critical mass where it will not effect the pricing model.

For more information please check out DigiCert’s page.

Last updated on 2018-04-21.

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