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A knife is only useful so long as it remains sharp. Galileo is an innovative and ever evolving piece of software which should be kept up-to-date.

Once installed Galileo will periodically check for updates and notify you when they are available. Below are the links to the very latest releases, as well as information about them.


Galileo 2018.1.1 for Windows

The initial release of Galileo for public consumption. A humble beginning in movement towards providing educators with innovative and progressive software.

Released on May 11, 2018
Download (6.3 MB)

Please make sure to take a moment to verify your computer meets the system requirements, as well as review a copy of the End User License Agreement . You will be asked during the install process to agree to the terms and conditions set forth by it in connection to the use of Galileo.

An archive of past releases can be found here.

Last updated on 2018-05-11.

Important Articles

2018-04-23Getting Started
Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, Galileo’s workflow is built from the ground up with educators in mind. Here’s how to get started with this revolutionary tool.


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