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The Preferences section contains program-wide configuration settings for Galileo.

To access the Galileo’s Preferences, look to the left side of the window at the primary menu. From there, click Preferences to change the screen to show the preference tabs.

Restoring Defaults

Depending on which tab you have selected, the defaults button, visible at all times in the lower right-hand corner, will reset the selected tabs preferences to their default values. This can be useful in situations like the Defaults tab where there is a high number of customizations available.

General Tab

With the General tab selected, you will be presented with a few options to configure.

Windows General Tab
macOS General Tab

Default Folder

This is the folder that will be selected as the target folder when Galileo is launched. It is helpful to change this to a parent folder to where you may store submissions locally. That way any time a new batch of submissions is to be processed you do not have to navigate through your computers folder structure to find it.

Automatically Open On Finish

Should Galileo automatically open the report generated from a process upon completion. This option is turned on by default as it further simplifies the review process.

Check For Updates

This tells Galileo to check for updates when it is starting up. If it finds an update the Updates section icon in the primary menu will change.

Send Usage Data

Galileo transmits anonymous usage data to Google Analytics when this option is enabled. Information regarding the submission checks is transmitted to monitor the performance in the wild. This data is crucial in making sure Galileo is a potent toolset, so we hope that you will continue to allow this information to be passed on to us. There is absolutely no student identifiable information transmitted.

We do not want the responsibility of holding ANY of your data.

Defaults Tab

The Defaults tab contains a grid of options used by default when processing a new batch of submissions. When a target folder is selected on the Process screen, Galileo will check to see if an existing Process Config is present in the folder, otherwise it will use the default values found here.

Windows Defaults Tab
macOS Defaults Tab

A full breakdown of what each option does can be found on the Process Options article.

You can import and export this config for portability, as well as there are command-line options for enterprise solutions.

License Tab

This tab is specifically available to deactivate your installation of Galileo. For more information about the licensing model we use, please check out the License article.

Windows License Tab
macOS License Tab
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