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A collection of articles related to the processing of submissions by Galileo.


Supported File Formats

There are thousands of file formats out there in the world today. We have prioritized our support based on the frequency of use in the academic space. Here is a comprehensive list of the file types we support and what checks can be ran against them.

Compressed Files

Some learning management systems allow educators to download submissions as a compressed file for portability. When Galileo comes across a compressed file when its processing a target directory it can do one of two things.

Submission Evaluators

A convenient quick list of all checks available to Galileo.

Network Files

A word of caution to educators storing and accessing files on network drives. While an entirely acceptable means of storing submissions, there is a potential bottleneck based on the performance of your network infrastructure.

Report Generation

If the size of the generated reports is of concern, you can disable the inclusion of bundled assets. That way the report will instead reference external assets.

Process Options

A categorized list of the process options all in one place for your convenience.


Built to utilize resources as effectively as possible, we quickly realized that Galileo also needed a throttle to control how much computational power it absorbs.

Important Articles

2018-05-11Latest Release
A knife is only useful so long as it remains sharp. Galileo is an innovative and ever evolving piece of software which should be kept up-to-date.
2018-04-23Getting Started
Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, Galileo’s workflow is built from the ground up with educators in mind. Here’s how to get started with this revolutionary tool.


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