Built to utilize resources as effectively as possible, we quickly realized that Galileo also needed a throttle to control how much computational power it absorbs.

Tucked away in the process options is a little option which allows you to control the number of processors which Galileo will utilize when processing. This number is not physical cores, and includes virtual cores as well.

Galileo Process Options Grid

You can actually see what your system reports to Galileo as the maximum value in our hidden debug section. By clicking the GALILEO text at the top of the menu, you will be shown a hidden screen of information. As you can see in the screenshot below, Galileo is reporting 8 possible processor cores. A valid setting for this option is anywhere between 1 and 8.

Hidden Debug Window

Process Options Type Default
Platform.Parallelism.MaxDegrees Integer -1
The number of processor cores (including virtual) which Galileo can consume when processing. The default value of -1 instructs Galileo to use the maximum amount of available resources.
Created on 2018-04-12.

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