Galileo was created for educators, without a thought of the competition. It was originally an internal tool developed for a family member. It emerged from it’s shell and grew into something much more when a market assessment determined that educators’ needs were not being met by the competition. An alternative was born.

General discussions with different levels of purchasers resulted in the realization that at the forefront was a product called Turnitin. The industry leader, but expensive solution, that checked content against Google and other academic sources. The price point was the breaking point however for many academic institutions. This left educators underserved when it came to this need.

Our ambition with Galileo is for it to be a disruptor in this space.

Service Galileo PlagScan Plag Tracker Blackboard's SafeAssign Turnitin
Content Comparison
The baseline for evaluating submissions, each provider has their own unique way of determining similarity. Since the processing requirements are localized, Galileo can execute a more expensive comparison then any of its competitors.
Meta Data Analysis
Galileo's unique process of evaluating submission meta data for possible indicators is a first of its kind evaluation method. We’re confident we’ll be seeing Galileo’s competitors introducing this feature within the next 6-8 months.
Internet Searching
The largest complaint with internet searches is a lack of coverage. Providers attempt to create their own search indexes and databases which rely heavily on crowdsourcing.
Previous Submissions
External Databases
Galileo lacks this feature currently. It is on the backlog for evaluation, however the actual usefulness of being able to access large submission pools seems out of touch. Access to these pools comes at a cost, which would need to be passed on to the consumer. We are not sure on the cost/benefits of this as a feature.

There are a lot of great products out there, this is in no way meant to be a critique of all of the hardwork by the awesome people working in this space.

Last updated on 2018-04-10.

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