Why The Price Difference?


As seen in our transparent pricing article, we breakdown the different contributing factors to the pricing of Galileo. This transparency has led to some questions regarding our competitors models. Here are our opinions, albeit biased.

First and foremost, many of our competitors are much larger companies with overhead and significant burn rates. That sort of bloat is not maintainable in our native games industry, so we operate lean and mean. Having a minimal overhead allows our price portion to reflect that.

Another significant cost contributor, related specifically to online SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions is the processing infrastructure required to run and house them. In the case of many of Galileo’s competitors, the complexity to store and maintain their own indexes of internet sites is an increasing cost. Let alone it being a difficult to keep current.

Galileo is able to mitigate the processing requirement portion that dictates a price increase by using the existing hardware of the end user. Schools already have large deployments of hardware, why not use them directly? The end user is in the same boat, why not use the processing power of thier personal computer.

The internet indexing is a particularly sore spot right now for many of Galileo’s competitors because they are unable to keep up with the growth of the internet and often rely on user submitted websites to index. Some competitors have also introduced time delays in processing assignments, making educators wait up to 48 hours before the results of their processing is made available. The forth coming internet search feature for Galileo uses the host computer to perform internet searches in real-time.

The decisions we make for Galileo continue to be about the educator using the product, and making sure it stays affordable.

Created on 2018-04-15.

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