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A major factor in the creation of Galileo was the difficulty of finding a clear and comprehensive explanation of pricing models used by its competitors. That’s not how we play this game. We provide a complete and transparent breakdown of our pricing model, as well as some of the contributing factors.

The Educator Sale

Galileo was built for educators. If it were financially viable we would be giving it away for free to every educator possible. At $42 CAD +Tax, an educator (the end user) will receive a product key that allows for 2 concurrent activations of Galileo. Included with that is access to any updates released during a period of 1-year from the date of purchase. After that year of updates is up, a user is able to use the software perpetually, but are unable to receive any updates without repurchasing.

Pricing Model

Determining the cost of a product is no easy task. We felt it important to not only price Galileo at an affordable price point, but to even go one step further and discuss the elements that were used in calculating that price.

Item Portion
Licensing Service Fee 3.5% $1.48
A portion of the monthly recurring cost of utilizing a SAAS based licensing system, LimeLM.
Paypal Transaction Fee 4.3% $1.82
We have no desire to hold any payment information, so we utilize an industry leading payment solution. This amount fluxuates based on localized sales tax.
Hosting and Bandwidth Costs 8.8% $3.70
A rough determination of the approximate share of hosting/transit requirements for the lifespan of the product by a single user. We host with Amazon utilizing thier EC2 and S3 offerings.
Software Licensing Costs 12% $5.00
There is recurring costs to develop Galileo, as well as expansion of its features in the future. Licensing libraries to be able to access more file types for example.
Future Development 31% $13.00
Supporting future development of Galileo is important, this also will go towards creating local jobs and the hiring of additional resources to further develop the product.
Sales Budget 4.7% $2.00
A small amount, set aside to advertise and promote Galileo. This includes things like acquiring stock assets, creating videos, targeted ad campaigns, etc.
Return On Investment 26.2% $11.00
A significant amount of resources were invested in the creation of Galileo and we would like to recoup them. This typically would be considered as our profit per sale.
Company Overhead 9.5% $4.00
A small buffer for company overhead costs of the project, including SAAS products like JIRA, Visual Studio, Vimeo, etc. and required professional services (legal, accountant).


We have priced Galileo as competitively as we can, and as such are not offering any upgrade pricing. If you wish to continue to receive updates, you will need to repurchase Galileo at full price. This process hasn’t been fully developed yet as we just launched the product. More to come in the future about how this will work.

Bulk Purchasing

When licensing bulk quantities of the Galileo desktop client we have a few price points. Please note the model here utilizes a cost per activation, not per product key as is used in end user sales.

Bulk Purchase Unit Price
> 100 Activations 9.5% Off $19.00 +Tax
> 250 Activations 19% Off $17.00 +Tax
> 400 Activations 28.5% Off $15.00 +Tax

During the purchase process you will be able to decide on the distribution of activations per product key.

Example 1

  • Purchase 300 activations.
  • Divide them up between 150 product keys.
  • Distribute keys individually to educators for use.
  • Default Arrangement

Example 2

  • Purchase 300 activations.
  • Divide them up between 12 product keys.
  • Distribute keys to 12 school departments for use.

Example 3

  • Purchase 300 activations.
  • Keep all activations on one product key.
  • Utilize one key during network deployment of Galileo.

All bulk orders must be purchased through a manual process/invoice. You will need to contact to start the process. Product keys are delivered within 48 hours of confirmation of payment via a CSV file. A floating license server option is expected to be made available by October 2018.

The Enterprise Sale

The command line interface version of Galileo is meant to be integrated with existing learning management systems and does not have a per user licensing arrangement. The licensing model it utilizes is often referred to as a site license. Purchasing this is done through contact with

At $10,000 CAD +Tax, the additional cost of this license can be directly attributed to the integrations ability to automate the processing portion of submissions. Allowing educators to have the report already generated when they go to review their submissions through a schools portal.

Licensees will receive a product key unique to the CLI version of Galileo, allowing for activation in one environment. Included with the purchase is one year of any updates from the date of purchase. After the year of updates, the software will remain active, however unable to receive any updates without a further purchase.

Last updated on 2018-04-23.

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