Galileo 2018.1


The first release of Galileo for public consumption. After a month of turning what was an internal tool into a commercially viable product, it is time to get Galileo into the hands of educators worldwide.

2018.1 Initial Release

Released 2018-04-20

New Features

Given that this is the first release, everything is considered a new feature. The focus on this release was creating an intuitive user experience wrapped around a powerhouse of core functionality.

Multi-Threaded Processor

Galileo utilizes the full computational power of the system which it is running on. This comes with a catch where it makes doing other things on your computer while its running a bit tedious. We added an option to control the degrees of parallelism which it operates so that should help if needed.

File Type Support

Focusing on providing a strong initial offering of supported file types, Galileo is able to work comfortably with Microsoft Office and Open Office files. We’ve also included experimental AutoCAD support for some early adopters.

  • DOCX File Support
  • ODT File Support
  • PDF File Support
  • XLSX File Support
  • DXF File Support (Experimental)

HTML Report Generation

The real power of Galileo starts to show after it finishes processing submissions and generates its reports. Simple and responsive reports effectively explain and demonstrate the checks that have raised flags in a portable manor.

Cross Platform Support

Building on the shoulders of other incredible developers, Galileo deploys native platform clients to provide a familiar experience. It is important to us that we provide parity across all available platforms.

Last updated on 2018-05-10.

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