Moving Files Failed


In an attempt to being a good citizen on your operating system, whenever Galileo comes across a file or path that contains a bad character it tries to fix it for you. Sometimes, it is not possible, and you will see a warning about a file not being moved/renamed and ignored.

The challenge is identifying what might be the root cause of the problem. Here are some things to think about:

The Locked File

One of the common reasons we have seen this issue come up is that the files or folders we were trying to move were locked by the operating system. This can come about for a few reasons, the most common is that the file is in use. We often ran into this problem when our version control software (Perforce) had not checked out the files in question. Evaluating if the file is in use, or under the protection of something else should be your first step in resolving this problem..

The Bad Path

While Galileo tries to resolve bad paths, it is at the mercy of the host operating system when trying to correct the issue. If the operating system reports a ‘file not found’ error when Galileo attempts to access a file with the provided path it will push back this warning.

Most malformed paths are ignored when processing and will show up in the ignored submissions section of the Submission Report.

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Last updated on 2018-04-10.

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